Monday, 5 December 2016

Arena 6 Deck without Legendary to increase Trophies in Clash Royale

Today we bring you a new guide of clash Royale with a good recommendation on a Deck 6 Arena without legendary prepared to raise drinks quickly. Getting legendary in the game is complicated and especially if we do not invest some money in gems so it is normal to try to find good decks that do not use this type of cards.

Specifically this deck we can form from Arena 6 but we can use it to upload drinks without problems to sand 7 and even sand 8. Of course if we want to use in sand 8 we will have to raise the level of all cards. Common to level 10, special to level 7 and witch to level 3.
Here is our Arena 6 deck without legendary

The deck consists of four common cards, three special cards and an epic card. The chosen ones to throw us with the victory in the battlefield are the following:

Witch: Here we have the epic card from the deck. The witch is one of my favorite cards, attacks aerial and land and also creates skeletons every few seconds. As if all this was not enough, its damage is by splash. Perfect for counters, minions, army of skeletons and cards of this type.
Giant: The best tank in the game. It is true that there are other tanks more powerful but the cost of elixir and its power are perfectly balanced and make it the best. Remember that it only attacks buildings.

Goblins with Spear: Unlike normal Goblins these Goblins attack both air and land. This makes them always choose them before the normal elves. When launching the letter we generated a total of three elves very fast and with a very low elixir cost.

Mini P.E.K.K.A .: A mini tank. I say mini because he does not have enough health to do the tank work and receive a lot of damage, but to compensate he generates much more damage than the giant, a blow of the mini P.E.K.K.A leaves a mark.

Tesla Tower: A good defensive structure. As long as he does not attack, he hides underground and does not suffer damage. It has a faster and more extensive attack than other defenses such as the cannon.

Archers: Who does not know these two beautiful fighters ?. They attack air and land. They have more life and damage than goblins.

"Zap": A great card that we will usually see in almost all decks. It is very cheap and has the extra power to reset the dragon damage.

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How to attack with our Arena 6 deck without legendary

As I explained before, we have our Giant that will perform the tank function to perfection. We have several combinations of attack but the best ones always start by taking the giant ahead receiving the damage and then attack letters.

Combination 1: Giant, witch and archers or goblins. The giant will be the letter we will throw in front of and behind the rest. For the cost of elixir, when throwing the giant and the witch, we will be left with nothing so it would be convenient to throw the elves that cost little to finish the attack and the enemy can do nothing but defend. With the witch we can fight almost any troop that they throw to kill us.

Combination 2: Giant, mini P.E.K.K.A and musketeer. As before, we will launch the giant in front and then the rest. If the giant and the mini P.E.K.K.A arrive at the tower of 3 blows they knock it down without problem. The disadvantage of this combination is that before a horde of henchmen we will be a bit helpless but with a little luck between them throw them and we will not have loaded the Dump to destroy them. Remember that the musketeer has no splash damage.

These two combinations are the tops of the deck, but you can always go to death with mini P.E.K.K.A and witch from behind and go out as we attack but it will cost more to knock down the tower.

Thanks to securenetltd for the article